About Me

Hi, I’m Wandee. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by.


I play too much game, currently addicted to PAYDAY 2. I prefer tea over coffee. I like pictures printed, hand written letter and calligraphy. I’m also a football fan, a red devils follower. Peonies are too pretty to be real. I make list for everything. I live by a thousand ridiculous quotes. I’m learning not to be a hoarder, it runs in the family. I’m a sucker for stationery and tattoo. I’m also obsessed with symmetry. I believe in Japanese food, pint of Guinness and shots of Patron.

I’m a dentist by day, dreamer by night. I strongly believe that all things amazing begin with a dream. In this blog, where I share my thoughts and experience, I hope you could find something you like.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Faye Q says:

    Hi Wandee! Thank you for stopping by. Glad it led me back to yours as you have a great blog! Looking forward to reading more about your travel/life adventures 🙂 – Faye

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